Top 5 things to know before going to a Med School

MChoosing medicine as a career option is not a piece of cake. In fact, it is trickier than other professions. Students from all across the globe zealously compete for the highest scores on medical examinations and acceptance into the best medical colleges for further studies. Medicine is so competitive, that it needs extra preparation. If you want to pursue medicine, your performance in your pre-med school matters as much as your considerations for your next step to post BACC programs. To get admission into your desired pre-med school, it’s important that you start preparations right from your high school days. To become a successful doctor, one’s goals should be streamlined from the beginning



To help you with this cutthroat competition, here are top 5 things one must know before entering into a med School:

1. Acquire medical experience

Having some medical experience before going to the med school does not mean that you have treated patients. No one expects that experience as you have not become a doctor yet. This means you should know what your future job will look like. Stay in touch with the doctors around you, or help in a hospital for small jobs, like filing, learning how machines work, helping with data entry, or working entry level positions such as emergency medical technician etc. It’s important to understand your job and know some basics before you move to a prestigious med school.

2. Participate in undergraduate projects

If you have completed any research project in your pre-med school, it will be easier for you to excel in your post-graduate program, especially if you have one or more research experiences already. Research adds to your resume and helps you get into a good medical school.

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3. Choose a Major

Preparing to enter a reputable medical school is not easy. It is important that you choose a major to excel. Your GPA matters and to keep it good you must choose a major in which you can score well. It’s not necessary that you go with biology. Explore related subjects that interest you. It can be chemistry, English, music etc. Once your cumulative GPA is improved, you can take care of your GPA in science subjects. There are many pre-medical school programs or pre-requisites that you must take in order to excel in your science subjects.

4. Apply to multiple colleges

Placing all your hope on just one college will not help. Before you make up your mind, explore the possible options. It is possible that you may not be selected, so do not get disheartened if you face rejections. There are many applicants for every college and it is not possible that everybody gets selected. To get noticed among many applicants try to send some extra evidence of your work, like a research paper or a reference to help your secure admission.

5. Practice for exams

To prepare for the main exam, the MCAT, take practice tests as many times as you can. Lower marks on the practice tests should not scare you. These tests are just a stepping stone towards success. Refer to good preparation books and study on your own to know your capability. And always remember that the practice tests are trickier than the original tests, and you should not be disheartened even if you get low marks.

   Beyond these five steps, it is important that you do not lack in extra curricular skills. Keep yourself updated with the latest technology, research, and also spend some time in learning new languages. Finally, know about which med school best suits you. Want guidance? Contact us, and we will help you in every way.