Excerpts from speech by the Dean of the Medical University of Lublin on awarding our CEO, Mr. Mahendra M. Patel, an honorary doctorate

Traditionally, The Medical University of Lublin has awarded prestigious honorary doctorates to scientists, educators, and professors for pioneering work in general science as well as the medical sciences. Today, because of globalization, innovators in many areas have moved the entire human race forward, making life more comfortable for their fellow human beings. We believe contributions made by such individuals cannot go unnoticed and cannot be ignored. We honor the remarkable achievements made by talented individuals who have had a profound impact on today’s world by creating opportunities in international education, economics, and trade.

We are gathered here to recognize, honor, and award an honorary doctorate to a person because of his immense and remarkable contributions:

  • In the field of global medical education
  • International relations and cooperation
  • Local economic growth

His work established the first 4-year English Language program and a 6-year English Language program on the campuses of the Medical University of Lublin and the Medical University of Silesia.

He created unmatched opportunities for thousands of students to get a medical education in Poland. He established the widely recognized Hope Medical Institute, which has remained a beacon for many students whose dream is to become a well-trained physician and to care for and comfort their fellow human beings.

Mr. Patel had the plan and vision to make his program into an internationally recognized one within 5 years. The program grew from 5 American students in 1995 to more than 600 North American students studying in Poland today. The program has grown in areas such as USMLE scores, residency positions secured, student enrollment, and medical board recognitions.

The program became extremely successful because Mr. Patel helped the Polish Universities receive crucial recognitions. The recognition by the state medical board of New York brought new prestige and recognition to both universities. This recognition has helped create a bridge between Poland and the U.S. as well as a clinical training program in the U.S. and Europe which generates much interest from prospective students.

Mr. Patel’s personal involvement and determination and the hardworking staff, consultants, and advisors at HMI guided the universities from simply filling out forms to preparation for audit visits.
Challenges came from parents, students, cultural diversity, state medical boards, state medical licensing authorities, immigration departments, teaching hospitals, medical associations, even state and federal licensing and regulatory agencies. Despite all the challenges, Mr. Patel’s business model has continued providing a unique educational opportunity to thousands of medical students.

Approximately 1,100 students have passed through the doors of The Medical University of Lublin. The students and their spending habits have brought prosperity and growth to the local economy and created an environment of opportunity for new and established businesses.

Before its affiliation with HMI, The Medical University of Lublin had

  • No English Language program
  • No U.S. students
  • No recognition by the U.S. Department of Education for its English Language Program
  • No English speaking clinical training sites or teaching hospitals
  • No U.S. or Canadian government student loan programs
  • No recognition in crucial states such as New York, California, Texas, Florida, or Virginia
  • No English Language Program recognition by many North American medical licensing authorities
  • No widely known name in North American medical establishments
  • No 4-year or 6-year program leading to a medical degree

Today, we can proudly say that we have achieved everything on this list. Mr. Patel has brought innovations to medical education. His creativity and contribution are respected and widely known. Through the program he pioneered, hundreds of students have gained prestigious North American residencies and fellowships. HMI has opened the doors for many to gain advanced education at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, NYU Medical College, Cornell Medical College, Columbia Medical College, and other prestigious universities.

Mr. Patel’s remarkable contribution, to strengthening international relationships and advancing Polish interests in North America and India, remains unmatched. Because of his contribution in the areas of international education, international cooperation, and the economic growth, the Polish government to granted him the title “Friend of Poland”. Indeed, he and Hope Medical Institute are true friends of Poland.