Clinical Rotations in Europe and US – F.A.Q’s

Clinical Rotations in Europe and US – F.A.Q’s

Can I start my clinical rotations immediately after completing my basic sciences in Poland?

Once the application process has been completed and processed, we anticipate that you will be able to begin four to eight weeks from that date.

Do I have to pass the USMLE?

After successful completion of your basic medical sciences from Poland and the successful completion of the USMLE Step 1 examination, you will be eligible to start clinical rotations four to eight weeks after your application has been processed and based on availability.

Can I start before sitting for my Step 1?


Which States can I do my clinical rotations in?

New York, Illinois, Louisiana, Canada, etc… (please contact us for other locations)

Am I allowed to do clinicals at any other hospital that’s not affiliated?

Yes, you are allowed to do up to 8 weeks at a non-affiliated hospital.

When do rotations start?

Clinical rotations can begin four to eight weeks after your application is complete based on availability.

What will be the cost of my clinical rotations?

Please refer to the Tuition & Fees page

How do I apply for the USMLE?

Please contact ECFMG 215-386-5900 or visit their website at

When can I apply for my loans?

You can contact our Financial Aid Department at 757-876-2056 or E-mail Jane Sutter at for further information on applying for federal and private student loans.